Singing is not just about great voice and perfect music. It is about co-ordination and cooperation as well. And this version of ‘hallelujah’ is the perfect example of a brilliant coordination.

When Kelly Mooney walked in to the rehearsal for the song ‘hallelujah’ she saw a choir consisting of a group of teen girls. Then she thought it was going to be ‘cute’. But as this group of girls started to sing, she dropped her jaw. Mooney credits their choir coordinator Monette Gould for her spectacular job on these girls.

Mooney is popular for her amazing voice for gospel songs. But, these girls completely nailed it by accompanying her in this version of ‘hallelujah’. They sound is so perfect that it is hard to resist from replaying the video again and again. Their voice is so soothing and amazing. It felt like this song can free one’s soul.

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