This man didn’t have anyone to call his own; he didn’t have any house to call his home but things changed after this video got viral on the internet. All this started with the love charity. This video will show you how the man behind this video “Magic of Rahat” set up a charity drive and helped the homeless man “Eric” to have a stable and a better life.

Prior to the surprise of a house, Rahat had surprised Eric with a repeated offer to share money from the “winning lottery ticket”. And he actually gifted the man with 1000$ that was meant to be won through a lottery ticket. Eric didn’t know that the lottery ticket was a sure shot winning one as it was a fake ticket and the 1000$ had been paid by Rahat to the clerk to gift Eric.

The man’s reaction to the money is more happening than the entire sum of the money. The surprise for Eric continued. The YouTube Personality, “Magic of Rahat” surprised the same man Eric by gifting him a nice house for shelter.

Rahat has over 3 million YouTube subscribers. As his video of helping Eric with 1000$ was uploaded in the Internet, firestorm of messages appeared from the fan who urged to help this cheerful man Eric. And thus Rahat set up a crowd funding project to help Eric get back on his feet. The project had a goal to collect 20,000$ but surprisingly the result was double.

When the house was ready for Eric, Rahat picked him up and pretended that he was taking him to his home. It had just been few minutes since Eric had entered the house when he got to know that the house was actually his. His reaction brought me to tears.

This video shows a wonderful footage of love, kindness and compassion. Help is the biggest thing in the entire world. These videos totally touched my heart. If this story touched your heart too then please share it with your friends and family. Inspire them to help others by sharing this post.