Many times we tend to judge people from their appearance. But we don’t remember that these biased judgments can impact our everyday lives gravely. If you want a proof then watch this video by Josh Paler Lin.

Josh believes that everyone should be treated equally no matter who we are or how we appear on the surface. And to prove this point, he does a homeless vs rich customer prank on some of the restaurants of America.

There have been some controversies about this video. People have the point that private businesses have the right to refuse service to anyone. And of course other clientele at a restaurant might not appreciate to sit next to a person who “looks” homeless. It is kind of question of their so-called ‘prestige’. But that’s what Josh is trying to show in the video to everyone. Aren’t we all humans? Shouldn’t everyone be treated the same?

In the first part of the video when Josh was dressed like a homeless, he was not allowed to even look at the menu let alone get inside a restaurant. But an hour later, he comes in a Ferrari and everyone’s behavior changes.

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