This video shows you the story of Benny. The initial pictures that the video shows are disturbing. Benny’s ribs are sticking out; he seems to be entirely starved and withered. He seems to be dying of starvation. His initial pictures are truly heart wrenching. It seems like this poor horse was neglected by its owner and left alone to die.

However there were people who knew kindness and humanity unlike his owner. The Last Stop Horse Rescue is an Organization and 21-acre farm in Maine which is dedicated to the rescue and rehabilitation of the poor horses which are abandoned, abused or in starved condition.

Benny was lucky enough as this organization found him. It was then when this poor animal’s life changed completely. Horses are majestic animals. All you need to do is give them love. I am so glad that the heroes working for this organization were able to find Benny and change his life.

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