This little boy is going through a rough time due to his dating dilemma and to everyone’s surprise he’s not even out of his kindergarten. This video is going viral since it was posted on Friday which is titled “Kid Predicaments”.

The solemn faced boy looks very innocent and miserable as he talks to an off-camera voice most probably his mother about his ongoing love life.

As the mother asks him about having three girlfriends, he says no. according to him he could have two but he doesn’t want three. And as the mother questions him if the situation is stressing him out he nods by saying he will have to give one up.

He is quite going through a rough patch as he doesn’t know whose heart he should break; at the meantime the off camera voice asks him if it was rough being five. And the boy agrees saying he wishes he was four again.

This video is way too cute and funny to describe in words. I wonder if his girlfriends have seen this video yet!
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