Age has nothing to do with beauty. No matter what age you are, you can still look effortlessly beautiful. You’re only as old as you feel and age is just a mere number. When you watch this video, you will know that. This beautiful video will surely leave you in smiles.

‘I Am Kindness’ is a creative group of volunteers in the city of Minneapolis founded in 2013. They perform random acts of kindness; sparking inspiration, promoting goodwill, and spreading as many smiles as they can. This video is their first outing at Mount Olivet Senior Care Center.

It was like any other day at this senior care center, but when these volunteers arrived, everything changed. The residents from this senior care center were treated to an entire day of primping and pampering. They did some most amazing makeovers and photo shoots with these seniors.

It was wonderful to see these seniors enjoy their spotlight and makeovers. This video is so sweet and inspirational that it gives you a fuzzy feeling which stays with you all day. I am grateful that these volunteers of ‘I Am Kindness’ gave these seniors a special day. They absolutely deserved this, you will definitely love this amazing video.

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