There are many photographers who utilize Photoshop as a medium of making something new by inserting new elements in their photographs. But everyone cannot create crazy and mind blending images like the Buenos Aires- based art director and digital artist Martin De Pasquale can. Great photography and a perfect use of Photoshop, these pictures are unbelievable.

Photography has become one of the most appreciated art. photography has now emerged as a discipline, it is taught in photography schools. you can attain study photography in photography schools and attain a photography degree that can help you getting great jobs. you can also have an online photography degree through online courses. Who knows even you might be able to create something like this!

De Pasquale has proficiently created wild new impossible realities by combining multiple images through the creation of new effects on Photoshop. Some images are silly while rest offer sullen commentary on the impermanence and weakness of his body.

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His images look like they have been created by magic however you are revealed the secrets of those awesomely created images in his behind the scenes video. He has shown how he used Photoshop to create one of those images.

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Credit: illusion