Normally when it comes to horses, our mind flashes the words like strong, beautiful, elegant and poise. But ‘dancer’? Well, not likely. However, once you watch this video, you will think about a horse as soon as you hear the word ‘dance’.

This short movie named ‘Instinct of Color’ was created by OPI and ad agency DAN Paris. In this video, four colors of the nail polish are showcased from the OPI brand.

Nail colors, now-a-days convey feelings and emotion, expressing what the wearer is feeling inside. Through these colors and dance, these dancers in the video communicate with each other. The horse in the video is very well trained thoroughbred who can replicate the dancers’ moves. And with very little digital enhancement OPI was able to create this stunning commercial.

It is really amazing that creators were able to produce such an incredible commercial through little animation and great effort. I liked the concept and as well as the dances. What about you?

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