Not many people know about Irena Sendler, but she is nothing less than a superhero. She was born in Warsaw, Poland on 15th February, 1910, and was only seven when her dad died. But she learnt an important lesson from him. He taught her to always those in need. He was one of Poland’s most well-respected doctors and he even inspired her to pursue medicine as a career. She went on to become a licensed nurse and started working with the Warsaw Social Welfare Department, which was located near one of the worst areas for Jewish families during World War II, the Warsaw Ghetto.

Irena was an earnest Catholic, but she didn’t hesitate when it came to helping people in need, including Jews. She was working near the Warsaw Ghetto when she got to learn about an underground resistance organization called “Zegota”. The group tried to free Jews from the ghettos before they were transferred to death camps. She got involved with the organization, and along with the other members, helped sneak out many Jewish kids. She managed to trick many Nazi soldiers that guarded the ghetto. Some parents were uncertain and cautious about handing over their children to an unknown woman, but Irena had good intentions. Thousands allowed her take their beloved children back to freedom.

Irena rescued many Jewish kids from the Nazi rule. She was eventually caught while trying to sneak them over the border into the free “Aryan land”. But she didn’t give up the names of the kids she had saved even then. Both her arms had been broken during the several interrogations with Nazi commanding officers; but then her friends finally helped her escape from Nazi prison. The rest of her years were spent living under a false name and hiding from Nazi persecution. But despite the risk, she went back to her old home to uncover a list that would help the children she had freed all those years ago. Irena had buried a list of the name of every child she saved in her neighbor’s yard. She dug up the cans and tried to reunite them with their estranged families. Some of them were no more, but many were reunited.

Irena passed away when she was 98 years old, but thankfully, she had the chance of meeting with the families she helped during her years with Zegota. She is an incredible inspiration to everyone in the world!

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