Decorations make our house a better place. Good decorations on one hand, makes our place look attractive and on the other makes refreshes our mind. When I first saw this video I had no idea what the woman was doing. I could notice her wrapping a candle with a napkin but was totally confused regarding what she was trying to do.

Candles are great for decoration and this YouTuber has found a more creative way to present the candles as décor items. Candles can be of various types like scented and unscented. The comforting effects of candle can calm anyone and also set a romantic atmosphere.

This YouTuber takes a candle and wraps a napkin around it. Along with that she steadily irons the candle to fix the part and attach the napkin firmly with the candle to make it look more attractive. I had never thought about this.

This is such a beautiful way to decorate your place with the help of candles. Watch this video and let s know what you think about it through your comments.

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