I don’t normally support violence and taking justice in one’s own hand. But when I heard what this man did to an 11 year old boy, I down right made an exception.

Jason Browning is a father of an 11 year old boy who he had entrusted with a teenage boy to take care of him. But when Jason found this teenage boy molesting his son, he found it hard to control his anger.

Father Jason beat his son’s rapist into a bloody pulp. And soon after, he contacted 911 and police arrested the accused criminal.

During the trial at the court, the accused Frolander accepted that he was guilty. It was also found that he was abusing Browning’s son since he was only eight years old. It’s a sad reality that many children are molested by someone they know well and is trusted by their family. And most of the time, these innocent children suffer in silence.

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