Officer Jeremy Henwood was a veteran marine who served for his country with all his heart. In place of getting reward for serving his country he got murdered in his own car. The loss of a marine who served the country with several tours of duty and then also served the community as a police officer is truly heart wrenching.

This video shows the act of kindness, this amazing officer did just before he was gunned down in his own car. The officer had gone to a local McDonalds store where a little boy came up asking for 10 cents. He asked the little boy why he needed that money. When the boy replied he needed them to purchase some cookies, he didn’t hesitate a second to get them for the boy.

Unfortunately, soon after leaving the fast food place he was gunned down. The loss of this humanitarian officer is heart breaking. Watch this video and let us know how you felt watching it. We would love to have your opinions on this video.

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