We have seen many beautiful friendships on the internet. The video below features a bond unlike anything you have ever witnessed before. João Pereira de Souza is a 71 year old retired bricklayer who lives on the coast of southeastern Brazil. In March 2011, he found a Magellanic penguin covered in oil on the beach. The poor thing looked helpless in his state. João cleaned him up and gave him some sardines. He named the little guy Jingjing.

After helping him, João tried to release Jingjing back to his natural habitat, but the penguin waddled out of the ocean and right back to him. “He never left me again” says de Souza. Jingjing is a Patagonian native, which is approximately 2000 miles away. Sometimes he takes off for a few months, usually around February, but he always returns back to his best friend João. He spends almost 8 months per year with João. This routine has been going on for four years! Can you believe it?!

Watch this beautiful friendship below! This is what I call true love! Share your thoughts about this story via your comments!

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