When Josh’s dad passed away he found himself too alone. Bullies were troubling him a lot and making his life too tough. His mom was too confused and thus decided to move him to a new school where Josh could make a new start.

His mom feared for Josh as many people close to the family had regarded moving Josh to a new school at that stage as an entirely bad decision. But his mom didn’t lose hope and got him to a new school. Josh started opening doors for his class mates.

At first everyone found this little awkward, after all no one had ever done that at school. Later everyone started realizing that opening a door was more than just a physical act. It was about welcoming others, building a chance to know people, helping them feel comfortable.

Josh decided to make this change in his new school to have a bright start to his new school life. All his friends began to appreciate his behavior and now he is inspiring all his fellow students with this act of kindness of his.
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