This video footage was taken on December 14 during a concert at the Brooklyn Barclays Center. Justin Timberlake, the famous Hollywood star was gifted with a present by a young boy who left him completely captivated. This footage shows Justin’s reaction when he is gifted this incredible present by his young fan.

Timberlake was completely touched by the young boy’s gesture so before opening the present he asked the boy how old he was. The boy had the sweetest reply on earth which Justin repeated on the mic, “You’re ten and you have been watching me since you were two.” Everyone cheered when Justin opened the box which had a special bow tie.

The singer and the young kid both got quite emotional during this moment. Timberlake was so touched that he had to take a minute to recollect himself before continuing the show. I actually have started liking Timberlake more after watching this super touching video. Let us know how you felt watching it through your comments. We truly value them!

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