Parrots are no doubt one of the smartest species of birds in the world. You have probably seen lots of videos on the internet featuring some of these birds. Parrots can be taught to dance, sing and even perform tricks with training. For example, take a look at this cute girl featured below!

This bird is a Senegal Parrot and she is named Kili. Her owner says that she is really incredible when it comes to “playing dead”. Kili keeps her head down to the floor and does not move even an inch. She stays frozen for more than 10 seconds sometimes! Can you believe that? Her owner gives her a treat when she gets back up. Kili has been doing this trick for more than 6 months and she is kind of a professional now!

Watch this cute video below! Did Kili impress you? Feel free to share what you think in the comments section!

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