Animal abuse is a crime, a horrendous crime. When we see stories of animal abuse we get perplexed thinking who on earth can be this cruel to an innocent animal. But there are some people who exist in this world who tend to achieve happiness and pleasure by brutally abusing innocent animals.

This poor dog in Tampa, Florida became a prey of such inhuman devil. This poor helpless female pit bull mix named Cabela was found in the Tampa neighborhood of Sulphur Springs with several gunshot wounds tied to some train tracks.

The police and the public were devastated seeing the poor dog’s condition. They are looking for the criminal who did this kind of inhuman act to a poor creature. Cabela has been treated for the injuries but unfortunately she had to have a leg amputated.

This painful story of Cabela tore my heart. Watch this video and tell us what should be done to this kind of inhuman criminal.

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