The magic of FROZEN still has not faded, it’s still going strong and this video totally proves that. There’s something really special about this video and that is, this adorable little kid’s reaction to the popular song “Let It Go”.

The movie “Frozen” was a huge success and one of its amazing songs, “Let It Go” got to experience its own share of popularity and success. The song originally performed by Idina Menzel, who has voiced the character of Elsa went to win various award including Academy Award for Best Original Song.

Its pop version sung by Demi Lovato was played over the ending credits in the film and was also accompanied by a music video has already received more than 280 million views. This video will show you what a little boy does when he sees his little sister’s toy, Elsa. What he does when he hears the song Let It Go is totally incredible.

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