Back when Linda Koebner was a 23 year old grad student, there were not many laws protecting animals from lab experiments. A group of laboratory chimpanzees were going to be freed after six long years. Linda was going to become the surrogate mother of two of these chimps. The poor animals were terrified of their new surrounding since they had been living in tiny metal boxes for a long time. But Linda slowly helped them get accustomed to the wild.

After the chimpanzees were believed to be ready, they were sent back to their natural habitat. Linda looked after them for four years. However, she didn’t see Doll and Swing for a very time after that. But almost 18 years apart, they had a chance to reunite once again. She thought the chimps wouldn’t remember her any more. She had no idea about their reaction either. Wait till you see how Doll and Swing responded when they saw her again!

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