Casey Anderson loves animals and works for wildlife as he respects wildlife a lot. He grew up in Montana. Since he was very young he was taught to endure and respect animals, this thus built him as a man with an immense respect and compassion for wildlife. Now as a young energetic man, Casey works with wildlife.

Casey has a best friend and you will be surprised to know who his best friend is. It’s Brutus, a grizzly bear! Brutus and Casey are best friends and there’s a story behind the development of their friendship. The story however is a sad one. Casey found Brutus in the woods as a cub. He was sitting beside his deceased mother.

Casey then brought Brutus with him and built a sanctuary just for Brutus. The two have been best friends for seven years now. Now these two dear friends are on a spree to educate the public about grizzly bears. Casey and Brutus are actually lucky to have found each other.

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