Akim is only five years old, but when he played this piece in violin along with Johann Strauss Orchestra, everyone got speechless. He so effortlessly carries out the entire piece that it is sure to leave you stunned. What’s interesting is that he carries out the entire piece without even looking at the music chart.

This little violinist Akim was only 3 years old when he started off as a violinist playing along with André Rieu in the Netherlands. Followed by a brief encore performance, he exited stage with two massive standing ovations.

In this video, Akim is playing ‘Dance of the Fairies’ at New York City’s Radio City Music Hall. While playing, he at times looks up at his conductor for small cues. Except for that he keeps his eyes on the audiences. His eyes look so pure, sparkling and innocent. He does not let a single expression of difficulty appear on his face while playing that master piece.

Isn’t he amazing? I would love to hear him live one day. This is so beautiful.

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