Lola, a four year old Dachshund was in an immediate need of surgery to fix the slipped disc in her back. This surgery would be a life saving procedure for her as she was unable to walk. The surgery would cost around $6000 and her owners Sumey and David could no way afford it.

This made the couple bound to take a heart breaking decision. The decision was to give her back to the local animal rescue group. Just then an unbelievable miracle took place in their lives.

A savior came to fix their problem and that savior was Veterinarian Michael Wong. When he learned that the family couldn’t afford the surgery and Lola would get homeless due to that he decided to perform the surgery for free.

Sumey had no idea about all this however her husband knew the entire plan. When Sumey got to know that Lola was back to home she couldn’t control her happiness. This heartwarming story actually cheered my heart.

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