It was just after 2 AM on a Friday morning when Lonzie Barton went missing from Jacksonville, Florida. The 21 month old baby was with his mother’s boyfriend Ruben Ebron. Ruben ran inside his apartment for just a moment; leaving the toddler, his 5 year old sister, and the car keys in the ignition. When he returned after some minutes, the car was gone along with the baby inside it. His sister however was able to get out.

They were on their way to pick up their mom, 25 year old Lonna Lauramore from work. 15 minutes later, police discovered the abandoned vehicle, an orange 1995 Honda Civic, several blocks away with no sign of the little boy. An Amber alert had been placed for the missing baby and the family began asking for help from everyone. According to most recent developments, Lonzie’s case has now fully moved to a homicide investigation. The main suspect is the boyfriend, Ruben Ebron.

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