Georgia couple, Kelly and Ted, rescued a dog and some years back. They named the pooch Bear. They treated the dog as their own child and they were inseparable. But a couple of years ago, tragedy struck. Bear and Ted were travelling in the car when Ted accidentally rear-ended another driver. This accident startled the dog and he ran into the woods. Ted spent around 12 hours searching for his dog, but he didn’t find him. Ted and Kelly didn’t give up hope on finding their pooch despite the years that went by.

In the meantime, two women in Marietta had been feeding a stray dog for a whole year. They would feed him around 2 times a day, but unfortunately; they never succeeded in capturing him. With the help of some rescue groups, they managed to rescue the dog. They found a microchip on the pooch. Can you guess who it belonged to? Ted and Kelly!

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