Some people don’t even tend to notice how they disturb people around them by talking loudly on the phone. Many times we come across these kinds of people who are only interested to carry out their conversations and they don’t care even a bit about the people they have around them. All they care is their loud conversations, gossips and stuffs.

In this video Comedian Greg Benson with the help of his wife has devised a hilarious ingenious prank in order to teach loud cell phone users a valuable lesson. His wife has carried a hidden camera and with the help of that they have shot this funny video.

Benson has used a very chubby and good humor in this video. He goes and sits behind the people who are busy talking loudly in their cell phones and thus carries out his prank. This way he has crashed many individuals and fooled them crazily. Watch this video and know what Benson does. It will make your day.

Well this video will surely make people aware how important it is to maintain volume in public.

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