Through excavation and exploration, people have found many caves filled with art by cave men. But I had never heard of a livable man-made cave with all the designs and art inside it, until today.

On a hillside in Northern New Mexico, if you listen carefully, you will be able to hear the digging sound mixed with the sound of wind. Ra Paulette has spent his entire life digging and making sculptures on the caves on his own.

Ra is not an architect, nor an engineer. He is simply a man with great hobby and passion. He loves carving sculptures and making big and quite caves. And this passion has led him to make these beautiful livable caves.

This artist has been continuously working for 25 years. He has been digging man made caves and turning them into amazing work of art, that he calls wilderness shrines. He considers himself a magician, playing with space and creating beautiful masterpiece of art.

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