Daisy the dog was roaming around in Hollister when she was discovered by a woman called Susan Hilden. Seeing the dog’s state, she asked help from Diana, a rescue specialist, from Hollister Animal Lost and Found. Together they tracked down the dog’s owner. But they were stumped when they were told that the dog had escaped from her new home just two days after she was adopted from the shelter.

Daisy kept wandering alone for 2 months. People would feed her, but no one was able to capture her despite trying for weeks. That’s when a little girl called Megan stepped up to the plate. Six year old Megan and her mom had fostered around 75 dogs last year alone. Wait till you see what happens when Megan goes up to lonely Daisy. The pooch now lives with Susan Hilden’s granddaughter, Ava. Ava has become friends with Megan as well.

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