When Minka Disbrow was only 16 years old, 3 men assaulted and raped her in the woods. This left her devastated and traumatized for life. But she got something else from this incident as well. She found out that she was pregnant after few weeks but unfortunately she was not able to raise the child on her own. She named her Betty Jane, and gave her up for adoption.

For 77 years Minka prayed for her daughter’s safety even though she knew she would never get to meet her precious daughter. But one day, she got a call from her daughter and Minka finally got what she wished for.

Minka wanted to see her daughter but did not want to interrupt her life. But her daughter gave her more than what she wished for. When they finally met after decades, they shared their life’s story and laughed together.

What is more remarkable than this reunion?

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