We find various stories and videos in the internet that cheer us with their cuteness, videos that make us cry with their emotions but there are some videos that not only make us cry or cheer but also leave a deep mark in our heart and in our life. The video you are about to watch is something quite similar to that.

When Kate Ogg found that she was pregnant, she and her husband were really happy as it had been three years since they were trying to have a baby. They were more thrilled when the doctor informed them that were going to have twins but unexpectedly at 26 weeks Kate was told she was going into labor early.

The doctor told after some time told her that she had lost her little boy. She couldn’t believe what the doctor said but she didn’t react to it rather she asked the doctor to give her baby and then Kate and her husband surrounded the adorable boy with body heat. To everyone’s surprise, the little baby started reacting after sometime and what happened after that is nothing but truly incredible.

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