When you travel abroad, you usually bring cash with you. Tourists do this for reasons like avoiding international credit card fees, not having to deal with bad exchange rates, and being prepared for emergencies.

Taking a vacation normally means having a little extra money on the side. However, walking around with cash in your pocket is not really a good idea, is it? There are different kinds of money belts you buy in the market, but as it turns out, hiding your cash in a tube of lip balm is one of the best options.

Hide Cash In A Lip Balm Tube

All you need for this simple life hack is a tube of lip balm, like Chapstick.

Twist the wheel to remove the lip balm as well as the plastic part that holds it in place. For better management, fold the bills in half lengthwise before you roll them. Then slip them into the tube. Place the plastic holder and lip balm back into the tube, cutting down the lip balm to fit the bills inside.

Flickr | rmhowie

You obviously can’t stash all your money this way, but you can rest assured that some of it will be safe in the tube. So even if your wallet gets stolen, you’ll still have some cash to get you by. The lip balm can stay securely at the bottom of your purse or deep within your backpack. If someone tries to pickpocket you, they surely won’t go for it.

Check out the video below to see 10 other ways of hiding money while travelling:

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