If you had any doubt of whether or not dinosaurs still exist, here’s your proof. This monstrous python was spotted taking its merry time slithering across a golf course in South Africa with no care in the world that he was holding up the foursome behind him.

The longest snake ever recorded is a python dubbed Medusa, who was measured by the Guinness Book of World Records to be 25 feet, 2 inches long. The slithery serpent found sunbathing on a South African golf course certainly looks to give Medusa a run for her money. Who knows, with a balanced diet and adequate sleep, this guy could dethrone Medusa from the coveted title of ‘World’s Longest Snake.’

And before I go, a quick word to all the children out there–if you ever come across a snake longer than Route 66, never, under any circumstance, do what this guy in the green shirt did.

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