Just after a day of birth little Victoria McMahon was stolen from the hospital. She was taken away from her parents Melissa McMahon and Simon Boisclair. The parents were totally shocked and in unconditional grief when their newborn daughter was stolen from the maternity ward. They didn’t have any idea of what’s going on and what should be they doing.
Melissa decided to have a public plea for help through Facebook.

Marc-André Côté, Charel Bergeron, Charlène Plante and Mélizanne Bergeron, the four friends set out to help Melissa and Simon to get back their baby.found-baby

Fortunate we must say, four students took the plea by their heart and decided to help the disheartened couple. They thus made the decision to search the kidnappers and have now ended up bringing happiness in Melissa and Simon’s life.

As the police revealed the surveillance image of the suspect, Melizanne immediately recognized her as they used to be neighbors.suspect

The group quietly carried out their investigation and informed the police about it. Thus, officers were able to rescue the baby.found

It only took three hours for the group to bring the baby back to the family.mom baby

The return of the baby was not less than a miracle. The baby is now back and safe with her own family.baby2

Credit: Daily Mail

Melissa and Simon are very thankful to the four peers who made this miracle happen. they are also thankful to the community, Facebook through which this became possible.This miracle would never have been possible without social media and the four friends. Social medias have indeed made our life so easier. Share this incredible story with your friends and bring a smile on their face.