“Dirty Dancing” is one of the most iconic movies of all time. The movie featured Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey, and had a really great soundtrack as well. The actors performed some stunning dances on the movie, and no other dance is as iconic as the one to the song, “Time Of My Life”. The most raved about moment has to be when Swayze lifts up Grey!

Many have tried to replicate the dance over the years. The couple in this video certainly did a great job of performing it! Asia and Maciek had just gotten married, and this was the first dance they had as a married couple. It’s safe to say that they absolutely nailed it!


Everyone else joined in too, just like in the movie. The most anticipated part in the dance was “The Lift”, and the pair executed that perfectly as well. Look at how effortless they made it look, even though it must have been really challenging.


The trust these two have in each other can clearly be seen in this single move. Let’s wish these two a very happy married life ahead.

Check out their stunning dance below:

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