This Saudi Arabian man was having a tough time for three years due to regular nosebleeds. He was totally fed up of seeing a doctor. But this time during his visit he discovered something that no one would ever expect even in dreams.

This visit to the doctor let him know why his nose used to bleed uncontrollably. But the result was something very much unexpected. It was a tooth. It was an extra tooth which had been hurting his nose continuously for all those years.

Well you might think how an extra tooth in the mouth would cause pain in the nose. But the tooth was not growing inside his mouth rather on his nose. Shocking, right? But this actually happened and that man was too much tortured by the tooth that was growing in his nose.


A centimeter long tooth was removed from the man’s nose however there’s nothing that can remove the harsh memory of the pain and torture that troubled him all those years. Though this is a very unexpected and shocking story, it is a real one.

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