This funny video is from a police officer’s dash cam in Texas. This clip is from November of 2009, according to a news story from USA Today. The officer in the video, Keith Urban confronted a hilarious situation during a traffic stop near an old farm.

The officer was in the middle of writing a ticket when he saw a cat wandering around. Soon the cat began to walk up to him. He tried his best to ignore the cat however the cat didn’t stop his acts and kept on trying to attract his attention.

The officer told the paper later, “I think the driver of that vehicle was laughing a little bit … And the driver even offered to get out of the vehicle and remove the cat.” The officer tried quite hard to get the kitty out of his body, but the kitty kept on coming again and again.

Watch this video and tell us how you felt watching it. I actually was in stitches seeing the cat’s behavior.

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