Some songs have a way of getting to you like no other. Many people believe that “I Will Always Love You” is one of them. This song was originally written by Dolly Parton and released in 1974. It quickly reached the number one spot on the Billboard Hot Country Songs and is the only song that has been in that for two times! In 1992 Whitney Houston released her version for the movie The Bodyguard and the song’s fame skyrocketed.

Many artists have tried their hand at covering this amazing masterwork, though it is hard to live up to the expectations of such a beloved song. But sometimes you come across a true talent that does justice to it with the utmost ease. The little 4 year old in the video is one of them. He will make you forget all about his age with this amazing rendition!

Watch his incredible cover in the video below! Did you enjoy it? Let us know your thoughts through your comments!

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