This video tells the heartbreaking story of Oscar, a rescue kitten who was found in a situation that is hard to imagine for most of us. Oscar was paralyzed after a routine surgery went wrong. Oscar’s brain was devoid of oxygen during his surgery for some unsolved reasons and this resulted inflicting some extensive neurological damages upon him.

When Oscar’s rescuer had found him, it could hardly lift his head or swallow anything. Without spending any time, his rescuer rushed him to an emergency vet clinic that night. Then a day later, she visited a neurologist who suggested euthanizing Oscar but the loving rescuer’s heart denied to do anything as such.

Then she reached out to Kitten Rescue who presented helping hands and tool the charge. Since then, tremendous progress has been seen on Oscar and his helpers are doing their best to take him back to his normal life by providing the care he needs.

This video shows Oscar’s previous state and the way he progressed and recovered. Watch this heart touching video and tell us how you felt watching it through your comments!

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