We have entertained you with many cat videos like Himalayan kitten, the angry kitten and many more but the video you are about to watch is different than all of them. This video is about a one of a kind strange cat. Oscar is quite from the rest of the normal cats.

Oscar spends most of his time lurking the corridors of the Steere House Nursing Home. According to his caretakers he is not particularly a friendly cat and is often out of sight for long period of time. However when someone’s nearing the end of their life, Oscar always makes an appearance. This might sound strange but is very true.

Whenever someone’s nearing the end, Oscar makes an appearance. He is seen hanging in the window sill, sometimes even snuggling up next to the passing patient. I actually was so amused by watching this video. What do you think about Oscar? Do tell us what you think of him through your comments!

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