Everything was okay and silent. Suddenly there was a sort of noise coming on. It felt like something started moving around and was trying to come out of the sand. And there was the biggest surprise. Little sea turtles were hatching out of the sand and taking their first steps into this huge world.

This video has been shot in Jamaica. These precious sea turtles are making their way into the ocean after getting hatched in St. Mary, Jamaica. I had never seen so many sea turtles at a single time.

This video is truly magnificent. A view like this is actually so incredible. Seeing little creatures take their first step to this earth is amazing.

Getting to see a view like this in real life would have been certainly so great. It’s a true blessing if someone was actually able to see a view like this. Did you like this video? Do let us know how you felt watching this video through your comments. And yes, please share this video with your friends and family too.