For thousands of years, animals have been a companion to us. They are attached and loyal to us till the end but what if your pet follows you anywhere, even inside the bathroom?

Here are the 10 funny photos of animals that think privacy doesn’t matter as long as they are with their master.

#1: No, I will never, ever leave you! Let me just take a little nap because it’s warm in here.


#2: I am actually playing hide and seek. Please don’t tell him I’m here. Shh…


#3: Just to let you know master, I will guard, protect and serve you 24/7. Let me know when you are finished.


#4: I have tried sleeping everywhere but your lap is better than anything else. Don’t worry, I don’t mind the smell.


#5: Do you really think I’m gonna sleep on that cold and rough floor? Meh, better relax in your undies.


#6: Just so you know, I sit everywhere I please. By the way, it’s warm in here. Can I stay here all day?


#7: Your Momma says dinner is ready so stop playing Candy Crush and let’s go eat.


#8: You think I’ll leave if you take pictures of me? Fine, let me post that picture on Facebook once you are done. I’ll even tag your friends for you.


#9: Cat: Let’s see who gets the most favor.
Dog: Meh, I’m just here for the mat and the aromatic smell of this bathroom.


#10: Can you do me a favor? Please don’t tell my wife that I slept in here.


Credit: happyplace

I think it’s okay to have overly-attached pets rather than having an overly-attached girlfriend that will stalk you in every way! Aren’t they cute? What are you going to do if you have pets like these?

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