If you are a steak lover then this video is the exact one for you. We all love food and in this food world nothing can get better than having a juicy steak. Everyone has their own way of cooking meant. Some prefer frying, some barbecuing while simply prefer it cooking it on their oven.

Our friends at startcooking.com have come up with an amazing video that shows you the correct way to cook steak. Though many people think the right way to cook steak is by searing the sides in a pan then finishing the steak by putting it on the oven. However this video tells that the proper way to cook a steak is just the reverse.

The chef in this video begins by inserting a boneless ribeye in the oven and then after it gets fully cooked the chef finishes it with a pan sear. According to the chef searing the meat at the end of the cooking process creates a more uniform coloration of the steak.

Watch this video and try this method out. Don’t forget to let us know what you of this method after trying out! And yes do let us know if there are other methods that you prefer through the comments.

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