Undoubtedly, every backyard garden is special in its own way. This could be due to rare tree species, a well-placed sunbed or simply because of the action happening in there. However, in this article we’ll show you a type of backyard you’ve most probably never seen before. One in which pirate birds set their nest!

“Hmm, there seems to be something over there”, wife told the husband. “Let’s have a closer look!”


“I’m on my way, honey!”… “Hmm, what is this?” (husband gets up on a chair)


“Oh, it looks like some sort of nest… with birdies in it!”


“Hmm, looks like lots of actions happening there hon, let me have a closer look”


“Oh no, they are pirate birdies – you can see that by their hairdo!”.. “And they are hungry!”


“Ah, there comes their momma with some food in her beak! Glad they have no reason to attack us now..”


“Look honey, she is feeding them now, how adorable…”


Bird: “Grrr… what you starring at?”… Husband: “Oh no, she spotted me” *gets down the chair and runs inside the house, wife following him*


After a while, husband opens the door and scans the backyard for signs of intruders.. “Hmm, no more pirate birds around here honey, maybe they left to another house”. Wife: “Hey look over there!”. Bird: “Grrrr….”


Bird: “Kyeeee!!!”… Husband: “Oh no, she’s ready to attack” *both partners hide inside the house*


As for what happens after this moment, it’s all a mystery to a us. Some neighbors who got in possession of the photos and sent them to us claim that the couple is still hiding inside the house, observing every move of the bird through their windows. Others say that they booked themselves a last-minute holiday on a Greece island and hoped that the birds will be gone until their arrival. Whatever the case, we can only hope that they got past the situation without any major traumas.

Credit: Skedoozy

Pirate birds are not very common in our days. Experts claim that their aggressive behavior owes specifically to this fact, the remaining members being extremely concerned for their families’ safety and for their well-being. If by any chance you stumble across these rare creatures, our advice is to give them all the fish and bird food that you have inside the house and hope that they will leave. If this tactic does not work, then try buying some more bird food and later throw it in your neighbor’s yard. Who knows, maybe the pirate birds will move over…

What do you think? Have you ever stumbled across a pirate bird? Let us know in the comments!