Every parent knows a bunch of different things about their children. And that includes the funny expression of their newborns when they poop! They seem to crease their eyebrows together and grunt or something like that. An experienced parent knows that it’s time to change the diaper when they see that look!

The following video shows one of the most hilarious commercials ever by Pamper! It features 10 babies while pooping along with one of the most dramatic music in the history of time “Ths Spake Zarathustra” by Strauss. Have you guessed the title yet? Yup, “Poo Face”! What makes the advertisement even more hilarious is the fact that it is set in slow motion. Like this campaign says, “don’t fear the mess”!

Watch the video below. It is hysterical and brilliant! Let us know what your thought in the comments section!

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