Elephants are some of the most intelligent animals on earth. Many people even compare their intelligence to that of humans themselves. These gentle giants are not only smart, but they are also very peaceful and affectionate. However, humans have been hunting and slaughtering them for ages now. Many laws have been implemented to stop this, but without any progressive results.

The clip below features the story of a beautiful elephant called Pretty Boy. This poor guy was shot in the head by a heartless poacher one. Thankfully, he managed to escape death, even if by a few centimeters. The bullet missed the “kill spot” and lodged itself a few centimeters above it. But when Pretty Boy realized the trouble he was in, he approached humans for help without any hesitation. They took an x ray after he was tranquilized, revealing a deformed and infected bullet in his skull. The elephant had to undergo surgery to remove the bullet.

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