Infants need a lot of sleep and if you are a parent yourself, you totally know about this fact. It is also true that sometimes it’s too tough to put our babies to sleep as sometimes they just love to throw tantrums. But what to do in such cases? What about a magical trick to put your baby to sleep in seconds? That would definitely be great!

A dad is trying to put his child to sleep using his magic trick that every parent needs to know. This trick is so simple yet so effective. He just uses one of his hands to gently caress his child’s face. And after few repetitions – boom! The child goes back to his dream world.

This guy knows how to put a child to sleep than anyone in the world. He has a perfect charm to put his child to sleep. And it does not even take more than mere seconds.

Watch this video below to know the perfect technique to put your child back to sleep. Tell us what you think about this video and if you have any other trick do let us know in the comment section below.

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