If you have only one or two potatoes to peel, using a peeler sounds more convenient. But what if you have lots of potatoes to peel? It is surely boring and consumes a lot of time right? But, not anymore! The famous YouTuber Dave Hax is here to save you from all these troubles.

In this demonstration, Dave shows us an easy way to peel a lot of potatoes just within blink of eye. With this simple trick peeling potatoes will turn from a messy job to a fun one.

At first you will need your potatoes and a knife. Slice around the potatoes but not all the way. Boil these potatoes in the pan. Take it out and cool it when the water has been boiled enough. After the potatoes are cooled, their skin will come off easily.

Now there you go! You have nice and clean potatoes ready to be cooked.

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