Delectable cakes are quite desirable and enjoyable dessert for every occasion. You don’t need an occasion to bake and taste cakes. But birthdays are special so you would definitely need a special surprise hidden inside a cake to make a birthday more special. Don’t you think so?

In this video by ‘cheeky crumbs’, you will be able to learn how to make a rainbow cake but with a super duper amazing surprise hidden inside it. If you are baking a cake for someone special, then this cake is the perfect one.

This rainbow M&M piñata surprise cake will delight everyone who cuts a piece of it. To make this cake, you will need any blunt cake you like, knife, m&m, chocolate ganache, food coloring, cake stand, piping bag, butter, icing sugar and round cookie cutter. With all these ingredients and kitchen tools, you will be able to create a treat that will make any man drool over it.

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