Cookery comes with its own shares of problems and this is no hidden fact. Many times we are unable to get the thing we want or mess up things we intend to do as we lack knowledge to do it in a proper way. In such cases kitchen hacks act as the greatest savior that helps us to get out of these problems.

When we get a butter pack we throw the cover as we think it’s useless. But in reality we can use it. How? Watch the video and find out. Other than that it also tells us how to get rid of the stickiness we have when we measure stuffs like honey in our measuring cup.

My personal favorite was the banana hack. I always faced problems while making banana bread as I never used to have ripe bananas at the time when I wanted to prepare banana bread. The hack shown in the video will now allow me to do it brilliantly.

Watch this video and tell us which your favorite hack was. We would love to have your opinions on this.

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