Robin Williams was a great actor who made us laugh and entertained with great acting and comedy during his entire career. The legendary actor and comedian however is no more with us. He was found dead on his home at the age of 63.

With the unexpected death of Robin Williams the world has lost one of the most beloved artist as well as a beautiful human being. Throughout his life Robin delivered countless moments of joy and laughter to his millions of fans and audiences. Williams had most recently starred in the CBS comedy “The Crazy Ones”.

Now with a heavy heart we are bound to bid goodbye to one of our most beloved actors Robin Williams. Quite recently he had met with Koko, the famous gorilla. Koko is a world famous gorilla who is fluent in American Sign Language gorilla. This remarkable footage shows actor Robin Williams visiting Koko and bonding with him.

They instantly bond with each other, share a lot of laughs together and the smart Koko also checks his ID. This video has now become even more special ad remarkable. Robin Williams was a truly wonderful individual. We’ll always miss him.

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