Talent shows are one of the best sources of entertainment around. Even the contestants are ridiculously amazing or awfully bad; they still manage to keep you amused. When this little boy of 12 came on stage on Britain’s Got Talent, everyone thought he would be adorable but not really that phenomenal. But the moment he started singing, they were instantly awestruck.

Little Ronan Parke stunned everyone present in the audience including the judges with his brilliant rendition of “Because Of You” by Kelly Clarkson. The poor guy was actually nervous about his audition, but it didn’t show even a bit in his performance. The song he performed is quite challenging, but his voice control is so strong, he completed it with ease. The act was even better when a beautiful choir joined him onstage!

Watch the video below. This will definitely give you chills! Let us know your thoughts about in the comments!!

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